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Ferdinand Foch - "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

This is so true!  I find that when I'm worrying, I'm really not trusting the world.  I'm afraid something bad is going to happen because I see it everywhere.  In the news, at work, hear it from friends, and then I worry that it will happen to my family.  Sometimes I just have to trust in God, the universe, whatever you pray to or believe in, that all will be as it should be.

Your ability to relax is in direct proportion to your ability to trust Life . so relax and Trust life

"It's impossible." said pride.  "It's risky." said experience.  "It's pointless." said reason.  "Give it a try." whispered the heart.

It’s impossible said pride it’s risky said experience it’s pointless said reason give it a try whispered the heart.

Amen!    (did I pin this already? It looks familiar...uh oh   I am addicted!!)

Money isn't the only thing that makes one rich. I would rather be rich in love and happiness than have all the money in the world and be without them.

Only boring people say "I'm bored." The world is far too vast and interesting to say "I'm bored", so go put that brain to use and do something great if you're "bored"!

If your kid says they're bored, quote Louis CK. Only boring people are bored.

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I will forever love and remember you my little furball ❤️ That is the biggest part of the battle: believing you are meant more for the good than the bad.

So needed this.. Because I'm about to jump into the scary unknown. It's my only option to get out and move onto a real meaningful, purposeful life.

When you come to the edge of all the light you have known and are about to step out into the darkness, faith is knowing one of two things will happen.there will be something to stand on or you will be taught how to fly.

I get it!

"Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water.that you forget how much you have always loved to swim." ~Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson


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How true. The sign isn't extremely profound, but it is a great reminder for me to be grateful of all the things I've been blessed with. Be content with my life NOW. Stop focusing on the future and the "wants


70 Quotes About Love and Relationships. I had to pin for just this quote alone.it is beautiful!

We laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night  ,  Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeroes      :)

I never make mistakes. I thought I did one day, but I was mistaken.

laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night. I spent many a summer night doing this very thing with two of my cousins.laying in the grass, looking up at the starry night sky and laughing until we couldn't breath

printable quote: Roald Dahl {mama♥miss}

quote art: Roald Dahl

This really sums up this board! "And above all watch it with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" - Roald Dahl.


It's true, I learned it in a class called "The Meaning of Life" hahaha