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45's Still Rock....if only I still had my turntable.

I am certain my 16 year old would have no clue what to do with these!

1970's yellow glass chopper. I have my Mom's like this except the top is orange. Best gadget for chopping pecans

45 records. Kim this looks similar to our first record player we got for Christmas. First record.. The Beatles..Hey Jude!

Another thing kids today will probably never recognize...this is not a symbol from an alien

The first 45 I bought with my own money (Mr. Mister's Kyrie) was a colored record and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Music. 1957. Vintage Child's Record Player With Plastic Records (I had one of these in the '80s!)

Childhood in 70's by jeanette

I had this, still might. My mom got nostalgic about this too, and even cried when she heard it a few years ago

The more I search through Urban Outfitters' website, the more I feel like I must have become a hipster without realizing it. Sadness.

Vintage record player -- A lot of fabulous dance routines were created with the help of this record player.