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    Instead of doing college apps and homework. I'm instead writing this. God I hate April, it's the busiest time of the year....anyways a Jared and Mina Snap Shot: Sick Day: Jared angrily turned off the ignition. Seriously? After everything he had done for her, she hadn't even bothered to tell him that she wouldn't have been at school that day? And she didn't even call to tell him that she wouldn't be able to practice training? He was partly angry because he was slightly worried about her, ok more like extremely worried. It wasn't like Mina to skip school, but he was partly annoyed she hadn't tried to get in touch with him. Heads up would have been nice, was all. He sighed and got out, and walked up the steps to Mina's place. He materialized in Mina's apartment. He took a deep breath, keep your calm Jared, stand your ground, he told himself. He took a deep breath counting to ten, then he walked into Mina's living room. He stopped noticing the giant lump on the couch covered by massive comforter. He slowly approached it, he frowned when he saw that whatever it was buried underneath the covers. A loud moan erupted from beneath the covers, the covers began to ripple and shift. Grabbed a handful of the comforter, whatever was under it was scared, and squeaked, Mina threw the covers off. She was sweating, the minute she saw Jared she gasped. And threw the covers back over herself. "Mina? Mina are you ok?" Mina was blushing furiously, "no no I'm not ok." Jared frowned, "Mina what's wrong?" Mina sighed exasperated, "I'm sick Jared. I'm hot and sweaty, achey, I had to come home yesterday because I have the flu." Jared softened, "well maybe it's because your under a heavy comforter, instead of something lighter." Mina shrunk back into the covers, god it was so hot! She was sweaty and the covers were beginning to stick to her. God this sucked. "Your lucky that you have the flu in this day and age," Jared murmured pulling the covers off of her. Mina fought to keep them, Jared looked slightly annoyed, "Mina why are you fighting me? I'm trying to help." Mina sighed, "I'm in my pjs, I'm sick, I haven't brushed my hair or my teeth. I'm a complete mess and I don't want you-" a extremely handsome guy, "to see me when I look like crap." Jared smiled, understanding now. "Mina I don't care how you look, i know your sick. And that your not going to look-" as beautiful as you always do he wanted to say- "like you usually do." Mina poked her head out of the covers, Jared smiled she looked like a turtle popping it's head out of it's shell. "You promise?" "I promise in fact, I'll even look away, if you want to go to the bathroom and change real quick, and make your self more presentable if you feel like. But you don't have to." He wanted to stress that point, he knew she was sick after all. Mina nodded the rest of her face brushing up against the covers making noises. He closed his eyes and smiled, as Mina got up and headed to the bathroom. Once he heard the door shut, he opened his eyes, staring at the door. He grabbed the comforter and threw it off to the side. Another blanket materialized in his hands, one that was much lighter, yet could still keep the chills off. He heard the sound of Mina brushing her teeth. Finally she came out, she was wearing different pjs, this time it was baggy pants, and a t shirt, she was wrapping herself in one of her hoodies. She was cold, Jared grabbed her hand. He pulled her down on to the couch, he pressed the back of his hand onto Mina's forehead. She was burning up, "Jared you don't have to stay," she said as he tucked her back in. "It's ok, unless you want me to go?" He hoped she wanted him to stay, but he understood if she didn't. Mina felt torn she wanted to be left alone, but it was nice to have someone here. "I guess you can stay," she said carefully, "I don't want to get you sick." "You won't get me sick." Mina lifted a eyebrow, "trust me." She shrugged, "so what can I do for you?" She shook her head unknowingly burrowing under the covers. He sighed, "have you eaten anything?" Mina looked guilty, "obviously we need to get you to eat." Mina wanted to Argue but she broke off coughing, her chest was hurting. "Do you like Raman Noodle?" She smiled, "beef." He smiled relieved, that was one of the few things he knew how to cook. "One beef Raman noodle, coming up." He disappeared into the kitchen, she heard the banging of pots as water running. She smiled, Jared was making her soup. Jared's phone went off, vibrating violently on the table. Jared came in, picked it up. He looked at it, and then tossed it aside. Mina's curiosity was burning, "who was that?" "It was just ever asking where I was." Mina looked down, "oh. Aren't you going to tell her?" Jared shrugged, "she's not my mom, she doesn't need to know. And it's not like I even tell my mom, every where I go." He said winking. Mina smiled, they heard the sound of popping from the kitchen. Jared's eyes clouded with worry. He ran into the kitchen, he sighed. Crap, he almost thought he was breaking Mina's stove or whatever. "Does your stove always do that? It was popping, as it was heating up. "Yeah." Jared nodded, he wasn't so sure he liked the idea, he knew it didn't mean it was broken- but he didn't like the fact that The Grimm's were in their current state. Her mom wasn't even able to take a day off to help her daughter out because they couldn't economically afford to do that. He sat there thinking about this as he made Mina some soup. Once he was done, he brought it out to her. She smiled, as he handed her the soup. "Well uh- what now?" Jared shrugged, "have I missed a lot?" Jared shrugged and began to tell her what had happened since she was was gone. Finally she was done with her soup, she was tired, she yawned. She was achey, she reached for the bottle of pain killers. Popping two in her mouth, and swallowing. "How are you feeling?" She shrugged. "Achey and sore, I wish our heating pad worked, it broke. "I could always warm you up he joked." Mina stared at him, she was blushing slightly. Jared cursed himself. "I'm sorry I realized you've been sitting in the floor, do you want to lay down?" She felt embarrassed. Jared was shocked, "uh sure." She moved over, allowing him room. "What's on TV?" Jared snuggled closer to Mina, "hmmm don't know...on ABC family they had a Disney animated movie marathon." He grabbed the remote and flipped through the guide. "On ABC Family Snow White is on." He smiled, he didn't have to see Mina's face to know he was giving him a look of disdain. "I'll pass." She said shaking her head, the back of her head rubbing against his chest. "You sure?" He teased. She flipped over to face him. She almost fell off the couch. He wrapped his arm around her to keep her from falling. They stared at some another, their noses inches a part. Jared's heart was racing, he stared at her lips, they looked so soft and full, she but her lip. Jared resisted the urge to tilt her head up and bit it himself. "What's on the other channel, she asked distractedly. Her attention was focused on Jared's eyes, his eyes displayed a wide range of raw emotions. He forced himself to look away from Mina's mouth, "sleeping beauty." She frowned slightly, he laughed leaning his head against hers, "Disney?" Sounding breathless. He mentally changed the channel, "beauty and The beast." She smiled, "I love that movie." "Do you?" He sounded strangled. She nodded, "it's my favorite fairy tale." Jared leaned back, "really?" Mina looked sheepish, "well yeah. I mean it's not like messed up, at least the original wasn't. I'm kinda glad that the Grimm Brothers, wrote it." Jared laughed silently, "knowing Jacob and Wilhelm, they would have included some messed up sex scene." Mina turned 10 different shades of red at the thought. Jared smirked, she was so innocent. "Did you know, they almost wrote a story based on the Beaity and The Beast?" Mina looked surprised, "they did?" He laughed, "yeah it was suppose to be about an ogre who falls in love with a fair maiden..." As he said it, the words he was saying began to sink in, filling him with horror. "Like Shrek?" "What?" He asked confused, "a movie it's about an ogre who falls in live with a princess, and she falls in love with him, but she has a curse on her. We'll have to watch it," she was burning up, her back was aching. Her whole body ached, Jared sensed that and began to rub her back. He laughed nervously, somebody has a sick twist of humor...."sure." "Anyways like you were saying." "Hmmmm? Oh well your grandfathers never finished it." Mina liked puzzled,"why not?" Jared sighed, "well Jacob always said it was because of the only ogre they knew, meaning me. Hadn't fallen in love with anyone. So they couldn't finish it." Mina smiled slightly, "seriously?" "Hey be thankful, if they did. You would have had one more quest to fulfill." "And you know there is that supply shortage for single male ogres." Jared laughed, "I'm serious! Do you know any? I mean gosh it's hard enough to find a decent single guy, let alone an ogre." She laughed, breaking into a cough, "I'm single." He said after a while, she likes up at him questioning. "Aren't you and Ever?" Jared was shocked, "no. I mean, we were once a upon a time, but we haven't been in years." Mina nodded, she was about to say something, but the music from the movie began to play, Mina closed her eyes, enjoying the melody, it was so peaceful. "Once upon a time..." David Ogden Stiers was the BOMB. You couldn't tell, but she couldn't help but think of his character from M•A•S•H, and Cogs Worth completely different voices for all three but still amazing. "You ok?" She nodded, "I just love this movie, my dad would watch it with me every Saturday morning." He smiled "James was a great man." She smiled at that. "For all time, as the years passed," Mina began to narrate, "he fell into despair and lost all hope, for who ever could learn to love a beast." Jared winced, Mina didn't notice, cause she turned around, Jared tried to move his arm, but she stopped him. She grabbed his hand and brought up to her head leaning slightly on it. Jared exhaled his breath, his heart was racing, as she drifted off to sleep.... Written By Madaleine Carrothers

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    Sunday afternoon snuggle

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