pretty tumblr girl

Pretty girl with braces, they are hard to see but they are there and she is still beautiful!

blonde hair

Long blonde hair

She's so pretty!!!! And I wish I could do that with my hair! My hairs so plain :/

tumblr girl, pretty as eyes, beautiful skin tone.


so pretty


I love girls with blonde hair and blue eyes and generous and have a good sense of humor, sooo pretty

brunette to blonde ombre

Amazing Tumblr girl!! Why is she so pretty? <3

She is so beautiful.

Its ok you can stop being so pretty now

(I changed my Role Play character) hi everyone I'm Ashley I'm 15 (role play) I'm a witch 1st year Gryiffindor and Daughter of Athena I'm A Candor Born. I'm in the Athena Cabin I have water, weather and levitation powers

orange borwn scene alternative hair #pretty #girl #hair

Learn how to get luscious lashes like this here -

Perfectly straight, long hair... I wish I could have this!

Pretty. ♡♡