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I'm not holding onto old feelings, I just haven't found new ones yet.


"When people treat you like nothing, you begin to feel like nothing." So true of them who've been abused by someone exhibiting NPD.

Eleanor Roosevelt ~ What does this statement mean to you? What, if anything, does it reveal about its author? Small group discussion. Conclude by having students write their response on a post-it.They read their brief statement upon posting it.

Learn from others mistakes. So thankful for all of the mistakes that they made . those are the best life lessons.

Thank you jess, I promise!!

Slow change may pull us apart When the light gets into your heart, baby Don’t You Forget About Me

His Angel, so many lifetimes ago, when he asked what it was she wanted him to do. What was it she needed from him, in order for her to accomplish her goals? The look, that humbling look she gave him, as if to ask why on Earth she would ever need anything from him, then those words, those reassuring, scathing words, "I don't want you to save me. I don't need you to do anything, except stand by my side as I save myself."

I don't want you to save me. I want you to stand by my side as I save myself. Ain't nobody coming to save me, I did it all myself)

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Don& be flattered that he misses you. He should miss you. However, he& still the same person who broke your heart. Remember, the oly reason he can miss you is because he& choosing, every day, NOT TO BE WITH YOU. (so you shouldn& be missing him.

I absolutely love this saying! Be courageous not comfortable with where your at. GOD didnt call us to live comfortable lives, but lives that please him.

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Love isn't about flirting, hugs, kisses, and sex. Love is about having the ability to take all those things away and still having feelings for that person. -- army girlfriend's life to a T. Well the flirting is still there. through letters haha

Find the right person, don't waste your time on the wrong person!

Something I wish I figured out sooner. "A Smart girl know how to love. A Smarter girl knows WHO to love." I guess I am a smarter girl now.

Bringing the inside out

It's a no wonder girls grow up with fake smiles that hide their pain. Their pretty much taught that outer beauty is the most important thing until their inner beauty burns out. But so true.

So don't say you miss me when your the fool who chose a chick that left her future husband for you... Laughed it off as if I thought it would be cute ( i didnt find it cute i found it disturbing) and then when asked what she had you believing the butch runs out with no answer.. Knowing then I was serious.

Ohhh saving this for the inevitable "I miss you" text. Wish I had had it handy the first time.or the second or the third or the fourth >.