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John Singer Sargent Church Of San Stae, Venice Date: 1913 Style: Realism Genre: cityscape Media: oil, canvas Location: Private Collection

contemporary ceramic art Madeline Preston, White Bird Aquamarines, 2015, glazed earthenware. Photograph by Brett East. Fears that Glenn Barkley’s experimental group with its clout over the scene are premature. So far the only breakout from this group appears to be Preston, whose vessels, at times strangely bloated and at others with anorexic volumes, have great potential to forge a new figurative form and painting genre.

"Good Health" Pierre Outin (1840-1899) When I was in England, I was walking around looking for the ghosts of a life like this and people like these.

Page: The Slav Epic Artist: Alphonse Mucha Completion Date: 1928 Style: Art Nouveau (Modern) Series: Slav Epic Genre: allegorical painting T...