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BECKI OWENS- Blues are an enduring trend that we will definitely see more of in 2017. Check out the blog for ideas on incorporating blue throughout your home.

The most important part of my brand design process

The most important part of my branding logo design process is the questionnaire. This helps me understand the client, develop a strategy that suits their needs and design around their vision. I’m sharing my client branding questionnaire that I send my clients, that has been one of the best processes in my freelance business.

How a Simple Mind-Shift Can Drastically Change Your Business

The more I work one-on-one with design clients, the more I understand the importance of communication, especially within a creative business. In order to clearly visually communicate the mission and p

How to Keep Track of Freelance Clients & Projects

...and, for me, speaking to God, thanking Him daily for all of it--and my ability to enjoy His creations.<3

I've been shooting families professionally for about a year now (and weddings for just over 10 months) and it's been the craziest year of my whole life. Thanks for your support, everyone. But mostly, tremendous love and thanks to the clients who took a chance on me. You all rock

My Streamlined Client Process

How to simplify your client process using online tools. Less emails = less stress. Trust me on this one. Use 17Hats and Streak CRM to streamline your process.

10 Things to Include in Your Client Welcome Packet

When getting an inquiry from a client, I like to be as organized as I can be. Most of the time, an inquiry wants to know about pricing. I have my session fee listed on my website but that is the only pricing I have listed. I do this because I want clients to contact me. This opens the door of communication. I don’t want them looking at pricing and then talking themselves out of booking a session. I want them to email or call me so that I can start a conversation with them.