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Our legs tangled together as we woke up with the morning sunlight soaking into our skin. I lay there, taking you in. Staying quiet, put paying attention to your body. How you move in the morning… in the sunlight. We lay quiet for a little while, listening to the morning outside the open window. The cool air blows across our skin. I roll over and you hold me close. I feel safe in your arms. I feel safe by your side. I like waking up next to you.


Two Choices

Funny Pictures of the week -75 pics- Every Morning You Have Two Choices: Continue Sleep With Your Dreams Or Wake Up And Chase Them

UltraLinxfrom UltraLinx

Inspiring Examples Of Minimal Interior Design 4

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(johnny cash,june carter,love,paradise,coffee) this is absolutely how Cody and I fall madly in love, more and more, each and every day. Its these little things that keep our hearts in love and butterflies a flutter....

I've always wanted a bed shelf but we can't do this in CA.


Linen duvet covers

Definitely looking for a white linen duvet cover when we've recovered from Christmas. Apparently, absolutely fantastic in the summer.

Being in a warm bed with big, fluffy blankets in a cool room. And that rare day that you can just sleep in. Weekends & Lie-ins #Bloom & Wild #Secret Linen Store

even more white bedroom #Bed Room #bedroom decor #bedroom design|

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! #inspire #quote "Great things always begin from inside"

perfect morning for two. Reminds me of waking up in Gatlinburg. Cool mornings on the porch. 💙

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I veckans avsnittt av Stil i P1 som handlar om pyjamasen får vi möta Britt Marie Solär som har Mangelboden på Östermalm i Stockholm. Wow vilken konst det är med mangling. Minns att farmor och farfar hade manglade lakan som var så där härligt krispiga. Kanske borde jag kolla om vi har en mangel här i tvättstugan. Eller slår jag till på H Homes linnelakan som få vara buckliga.  På min Pinterest just nu hittar man väldigt många vitbäddade sängar.

sometimes there's nothing better than black coffee in bed.