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  • Glenda Roslund

    Biden: Im Really Proudest Of The Stimulus! - Our always amusing Vice President has come up with another gem. The thing he’s “proudest” of? The “stimulus” plan – which Obama’s own economists said cost $287,000 per job created. From The Weekly Standard: Vice President Joe Biden says that of first term accomplishments, he’s “proudest” of the stimulus. He made the comment in an interview to Rolling Stone magazine.


    Uncle #JoeBiden: ‘Senate #Gun Bill Vote Only the Beginning’

  • Strange Funnies

    Joe Biden is an Idiot

  • Susannah Bella

    Biden says SO MUCH stupid stuff, that we can't remember it all. Yet, years later, people remember that Dan Quayle put an extra "e" while spelling a word. The hypocrisy of the leftist media is just too insane. This headline was a summary of the words stated in this video:

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The next time you hear someone praising a government, any government, for its granting of liberty and gift of freedom, remember that governments do not give you freedom; God gave you freedom, governments take it away.

I agree that it is no longer about the news; we know every journalists political leanings. No longer are they to be neutral, like in the 60's and 70's.

You don't literally have to be whipped or wear chains to be a slave.

WARNING INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND---repub or dem---the entire LOT of them are bad!--EA

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands.... not to the democracy.

....spends money like it grows on trees and demonizes wealthy folks, that's what they used to call "two-faced", isn't it?........

....BO & his liberal admistration can't tell the truth about anything.....

Prepare to Take America Back's photo: Lib-ocrite heads to explode in 5… 4… 3…

Americans, what America is going through right now is not about politics; or Democrat versus Republican. It is an assault on the American way of life; because of what it stands for: Freedom. This is not the time to look away and not make waves. It is the time to be informed, Muslims have said it is their goal to get rid of our way of life. It is time to pray to God for help and the wisdom to know what is needed to be done..don't pass this on to our children.

Photobomb/photoshop level: Expert! and One Step Closer To Getting Impeached and Thrown Out Of The White House Permanently

This didn't happen overnight its been going on for years and today's American is more interested in whether or not Tom Brady deflated his football,Or video games our who's having the party Memorial day weekend.....Seriously most Americans should not Vote because they have no idea whats going on!