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  • Glenda Roslund

    Biden: Im Really Proudest Of The Stimulus! - Our always amusing Vice President has come up with another gem. The thing he’s “proudest” of? The “stimulus” plan – which Obama’s own economists said cost $287,000 per job created. From The Weekly Standard: Vice President Joe Biden says that of first term accomplishments, he’s “proudest” of the stimulus. He made the comment in an interview to Rolling Stone magazine.


    Uncle #JoeBiden: ‘Senate #Gun Bill Vote Only the Beginning’

  • Strange Funnies

    Joe Biden is an Idiot

  • Susannah Bella

    Biden says SO MUCH stupid stuff, that we can't remember it all. Yet, years later, people remember that Dan Quayle put an extra "e" while spelling a word. The hypocrisy of the leftist media is just too insane. This headline was a summary of the words stated in this video:

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Twitter / mattleo33: #LoisLerner continues to receive weekly paychecks. How sick. INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND Just another Picture that reflects Obama NOT Showing his support for america...this happens alot in the pictures I see of Obama and his wife Michelle...Ever stop to wonder"WHY"...they don't place their hand on their hearts??Or show the slightest Respect for the American Flag?? Obama is a POS!

Not so much "Funny Ha-ha"

These People Are Definitely Joining The Tattoo Regret Club


and that's how the idiot in chief got elected...twice.

wow. why would you post this in your yard?! lol funny stuff though



BREAKING: ISIS Reacts To Obama’s Address To The Nation… |

divide and conquer

Flashback: Media, Democrats Mocked Romney’s Accurate View Of Russia3/4>>>>>

Everyone who wants to impeach or force President Obama to resign, just remember, this guy would be our next president.

I wonder if he thinks this applies to BO too

Dumbest Democrat Quotes | We the People

Diane Feinstein on gun safety.


I'm A Dumbass? I'm Not the One That Voted for Obama! - Clash Daily ordinary citizen cares about their constitutional rights,....get rid of all the crazy old farts like him & all the rest of the democrat socialists! We do have a midterm election coming up folks, get out & vote these dudes outta there!! Come On!

This man is going to have a hard time getting a job anywhere

This criminal belongs in jail and should be tried for murder. How many people died as a direct result of Holder's actions? Obama most likely authorized the failed 'Fast and Furious' debacle, but we'll probaly never know the details of this since Holder is stonewalling by not answering the supeona for evidence.

What a disrespectful biotch!

.scumbucket. go home to Canada

Image detail for -Pro Second Amendment Committee - Alerts & Bulletins

Someone Found A Loophole In Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban