Discover and save creative ideas ordinary citizen cares about their constitutional rights,....get rid of all the crazy old farts like him & all the rest of the democrat socialists! We do have a midterm election coming up folks, get out & vote these dudes outta there!! Come On!



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    Vote, midterm elections coming up, throw out as many liberal, socialist, democrats as you can!!!.

    Wake Up, Speak Up!! JUST VOTE all democrats out of office, that'll do it! Please do yourself & this country a favor & get rid of all of them!!!



    ....BO destroying America for sure This letter to the editor was written by 80 yr. old Reis R. Kash of Springfield, Oregon and submitted to the Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon. The letter appeared in the newspaper on March 19, 2014.

    What a loser.....Yes, repining.....AGAIN, it's just too good folks!

    Please let us keep our freedom. Only prayer and our Constitution can protect us.

    ....spends money like it grows on trees and demonizes wealthy folks, that's what they used to call "two-faced", isn't it?........

    It makes you think! One loves America is proud of it. The other wants change and transformation saying,"The Constitution is out of Date." Is Mr. Obama trying to make us believe that personal freedom and a chance at bettering our lives out of date? Because that IS the Constitution!

    ....only in BOs world.....

    Socialist Party of America Releases The Names of 70 Democrat Members Of Congress Who Are Members Of Their Caucus: So all you intelligently progressive minded liberal parrots thought that communist and fascist only existed in movies or Hollywood? Pull your anti-American beaks out of your tail-feathers or suffer the consequences of tyrants, subversives and slaves...

    This is fascism folks, straight up fascism.

    This is what a career politician looks like under the control of the Bilderburg group! VOTE CAREER POLITICIANS OUT 2016 and beyond!

    between this and mexico's requiring IDs to vote, you would think liberals and non-believers would catch on. but no, I think the fight is "anything against the right is right!" am I right?

    ...I DO REMEMBER EVERY ONE OF THESE STATEMENTS--I also remember he is Muslim and it is totally acceptable to lie or whatever is needed to get what you want from your victim. Yes, I remember.

    wake up America. Step away from the screen and look around you.

    They knew. All of them. They knew. They let it happen. And then they lied to us.



    God Bless America ~ Land that I Love...