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  • Charles Rappaport

    Nootropics are supplements which have significant impact upon a number of different cognitive processes. This includes increasing memory, improving learning. ADDIEUP is the best known of these supplements USE code addie25 at and feel focused NOW #nootropic #memory #addy #study #supplements

  • Scientific American

    Border Crossings [Illustration by Emily Cooper, for "Breaking the Brain Barrier" by Jeneen Interlandi, Scientific American, June 2013]

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As Little Girls and Boys Grow, They Think Alike by Avery Johnson: By measuring the thickness of the brain's cortex and how it changes over time, scientists have found that boys' and girls' brains, on average, differ significantly at age 9. But by the time the participants reached age 22, the brains of the two sexes grew more alike in many areas critical for learning. These images are combined male/female brains. White shows areas of concordance. #Gender_Development #Brain #WSJ #Avery_Johnson

49 pages of math number work GREAT for KINDERGARTEN!!! Use these pages EVERY DAY!!! These are great for differentiation!

Terrific bundle of creative and critical thinking task cards! frame games, hink pinks, tribonds, and more. 386 cards! $

Know Your Brain Chemistry Infographic

$5.00. (comes with a freebie!) nearly inexhaustible supply of intriguing writing ideas based on our ingenious mix-match-&-oppose approach. Duplicated in color and BL/WHITE.

Enjoy graphics galore designed to master CCSS in grades 7 and under to 12 + Mix these graphic organizers up in ways that work best for you....

The more I learn about the brain, the more possibilities I see for bettering myself and the world around me.

All 50 tasks are rooted in neuro-related factsand all relate to common core standards for novel reading and comprehension (Grades 7 – 12+). ...

Addition Word Problems (Easter) (missing addends, sum of 2 addends,& sum of 3 addends)This addition word problems pack is great for DIFFERENTIATING for your student needs. There are different levels of word problems. Five of the word problems ask for the sum of 2 addends (5+5=__). Six of the problems have a missing addend (4+__=8), and 4 of the problems ask for the sum of 3 addends (3+2+4=__). $

Your Brain by the Numbers: Scientific American

How the Brain Makes Memories - Scientific American What new memories will you make today?