Transport Vesicles (colored spheres) abound in cells [Illustration by Tomo Narashima; From "Budding Vesicles in Living Cells" by James E. Rothman and Lelio Orci, Scientific American, March 1996]

Scientific Illustration

How a cut heals.

The Petri Dish Platter [Illustration by Emily Cooper, originally produced for "Inside the Meat Lab" by Jeffrey Bartholet, Scientific American Magazine, June 2011]

cell city


Tabletop Whale offers up original science illustrations, many of which are animated. They publish new content every few weeks

Physiology cell metabolism

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anatomy of a cell

The Cell Song


cell model animation

Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version. This honestly is my favorite biology video I use in my class. It really instills wonder and excitement to study what is inside the cell.


Cells Laboratory: Pictures of all types of cells

WOW! is all I have to say...this video is unbelievable! What a fantastic way to introduce cells to kids!

Cell Organelles Worksheet


Animal Cell | Biology Pictures: Animal Cell Diagram

Biology Pictures: Large collection of high quality biology pictures, photos, images, illustrations, diagrams and posters on marine biology, cell biology, microbiology... for educational purposes.