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Now how am I supposed to eat?

I'll just eat around kitty.


Is it a real puppy?

Now I will eat it!

Sleep eating

Sleep eating
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Eating is tiresome

Sleep eating


Observe carefully guys…

What it's like to eat with dogs in the house.


Minecraft Dogs Are Here

Minecraft Dogs Are Here (and they're going to eat you in your sleep)

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Community Post: 30 Dogs Who Think They're Christmas Trees

This is cute, but I'm pretty sure my dogs would not sit there like that. They would probably try and eat the lights! Hahaha :)


The Story Of A Dog (Almost) Eating A Corn Fritter

Did not get in my belly!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!! Dump A Day Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 32 Pics

Proud Dog Momfrom Proud Dog Mom

The Human Foods Dogs Can Eat (Plus, The Ones They Can’t)

The Human Foods Dogs Can Eat & The Ones They Can't | Dog Health Tips | Dog Infographic |


Hungry tree…

tree eating fence


This Easter, eating like a rabbit by nibbling up carrots for their mega-dose of vitamin A isn't the only way you can reap the veggie's benefits. We found a few vegan skin care products that are formulated with the anti-aging phytochemicals found in carrot

cute bunny eating a carrot

When our weim Haley was diagnosed with cancer, we gave her blueberries every day, along with chemo and many other things, because we had nothing to lose and everything to gain from the berry's antioxidant, possible cancer-fighting possibilities. Docs originally gave her months...we had her three more great years. Eat your blueberries, hug your dogs.