cute :) Crystal!!! It nephew

Cannot wait for Baby Henson! I'm gonna get this photo

1st birthday picture

First Birthday Photo

Tape balloons at different lengths for backdrop - idea for 1st bday photo

1st birthday

1st birthday pictures

1st Birthday!

It is easy to see how I could have fallen in love with this little guy the second he came into the studio in his mother's arms. We were fast friends. He was a busy guy, but he always kept an eye on me and would gladly stop for just a moment to flash those baby blues my way. MELT! We wanted a

Cute photo pose for toddler! <3 LOVE the idea of using a fence!


pic for Easties 1st bday

1st Birthday picture

baby birthday

1st Birthday Pictures Idea

So adorable!

1st birthday pics

Its a boy!

Newborn boy photography... I love this one! So stinkin cute...

Lil girl first birthday photo babies

1st birthday photo shoot ideas - Google Search