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i must start practicing my gemini again to get back here! & my flex to get into jade

Pole fitness IS a sport. I tried this in a class once. IT IS SO HARD

Great shot - good to remember for my eventual Pole Dancing Photo Shoot.....eventually!!! ;)

Learn to do this.... Cuz it's just crazyyyy how they do that

I find this the most amazing way to work out, I actually have a pole and its amazing! Its not just for stripping :)

pole dancing. Great for fitness. Can't put one of these up in my apartment!

Did you know that pole fitness is the latest new fitness workout? It's a fun way to workout and trains the entire body. Learn how to lose weight & feel sexy at the same time! #fitness

Pole fitness! Can't wait until I can get my flexibility and strength up to this ability!

I don't know what this is called, but I'm got to try it!