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    Anyone venture to guess why I might be drawn to these crazy looking chickens? The 1980's come to mind...

    Looks like a patchwork quilt! What a gorgeous bird..llll

    If I were a chicken...this would be my self-portrait!!

    Avoid giving your chickens dried or undercooked beans - Raw, or dry beans, contain a poison called hemaglutin which is toxic to birds. Cooking or sprouting the beans before serving them to chickens will kill this toxin. www.thesleuthjour...

    Icelandic chickens are a breed of chicken from Iceland.

    Fancy-Pants Chicken by ioana.san on Flickr. Polish Ornamental Chicken Breed

    Wow now that is one handsome Rooster! So that's what he looks like whose feathers I use to make all kinds of Home Decor! Exquisite! Thanks Mr. Rooster!

    Polish Chicken Breed...is he part sheep dog or did he used to be in a rock band in his younger days?

    Chicken Breed Chart Pinned just for my son who loves chickens