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So many of my smiles begin with "Y'all"!!!

So many of my smiles begin with yall. Rustic wood sign (and as a Texas native, I know yall southwestern folks can appreciate).

Grits Girls Raised in the South Graphics | This image is from http://www.gritsinc.com/

Translation Tuesday: Grits

All Things Southern.Grits-I am a southern girl from birth and love everything about the south.

This makes me think of @Elizabeth Wilkins... perfect sophistication with a twist

By Eating ghosts ( Tom Waits: She's whiskey in a teacup. ) and I drink wine from a coffee cup.

the south.....and oh the tree frogs singing at night!

the south.what I wouldn't give to once again sit on the front porch of the southern homes I grew up in with my Mama!

I am an old....

"I am an old southern woman, and I am supposed to wear funny clothes, ugly hats, and dig in the dirt. I did not make the rules.