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    Visualized: Nolan-verse Batman cast vs Animated Series vs Other Film.

    Nolan's Batman Trilogy villains

    Alternate Batman series #1

    Batman 75 years of Batmobiles


    Inspired by mugshots taken in Australia in the 1920s, artist Jason Mark has answered the question, "What would the Joker look like in the Prohibition era?" (by jempix)

    Even Batman batmans Batman

    INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of the Batsuit | Moviepilot

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    I'm only pinning these bc zack lambert wore them for every basketball game...


    The evolution of The Dark Knight. #batman

    Batman and Superman

    Batman is the best

    "A Tribute to Psycho" by Scott Zambelli SDCC 2012 Artists' Alley: GG-19

    This is the Batman that introduced me to this world, and after seeing everything going on over at DC now, I think that we need this Batman back.

    AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA....Ahhh.... Oh wow. That totally fits. *snicker* The Joker's face at the end, though.

    Batman by Silvestri

    Alternate Batman series #4

    I Just Want to Date Batman - but where is he??

    You could really analyse her character in this picture, there's just SO much you could speculate