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Binge Buddha by pseudo-manitou on deviantART

Boredom can always bring out the muse. This was created while waiting at an airport. Problem is, when things get this far, I feel I must either explain .

Lisa lurvs her Buddha Hand by UMSAuthorLava

This'll teach me to try and draw Evergreen Terrace in such detail. When Bart told God to "let us keep our awesome powers", did. Lisa lurvs her Buddha Hand

Tickling Buddah

This is a picture of me and my buddy Ping the Panda doing one of our favorite activities - Tickling Buddha! I know, it's probably sacrilegious but come .

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Praying mantis symbolism

Now You'll Know Exactly What a Praying Mantis Symbolizes

Magic Mushroom Drawings | Magic Mushrrom - Sketch Drawings Photo (13886670) - Fanpop fanclubs

A sketch by Anita Mejia shows movement with pink mushrooms & a little girl with blowing hair.