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#Kris #Wu Yifan Ariport 6

#Kris #Wu Yifan Ariport 6

Kris Wu Yi Fan

150727 Kris for Our Street Style in Paris 我们的街拍时刻

#WuYiFan hashtag on Twitter

Happy WuYiFan Day (I accept him leaving EXO, but the only other board I could put him in is "Kpop", but he's Chinese, so.

kris / wu yifan

(It's Exo's Kris)

Exo - Kris "My handsome man <3 I miss you and others miss you too."

Kris at Shanghai airport

Galaxy, no mather what kind of choice you made, I'll always see you as the 12th member of exo... as a fan I'm here to support you not to control your life..

Woo YiFan (Kris) of EXO (yes I know woo is not his surname but it sounds the same as Wu so I put him in this family)

kris..... Ughh I miss you, but I'm still so proud and happy for you. You've done so well.

Wufan, yifan, kris, Kevin whatever your name is

Kris Wu and a little girl. Oh my gosh this is so cute that I literally squealed!!

Wu Yifan with his daughter for Lunar New Year ^^

Super Model Wu Yifan, looks good in every situation, even if it's raining >.< #EXO #Kris

Inspiring image exo, exo m, korean boy, kpop, kris by lovely_jessy - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

exo kris xD

keke Kris can only do this gulls! keke Only our galaxy oppa keke~! He could transform from a cool sexy charismatic tough looking badass to a soft cute tall guy who loves stufff toys keke kyeopta~!

WU YI FAN--- crap! He is REALLY good looking.

[Fotos/Video] 141113 Kris (Wu YiFan) There’s a Place mv oficial

Kpop ve Kore ile ilgili duvar kağıtları,hd resimler....... #rastgele Rastgele #amreading #books #wattpad

Kpop ve Kore ile ilgili duvar kağıtları,hd resimler....... #rastgele Rastgele #amreading #books #wattpad

Perfection. The manga prince himself will be at KCON '12. #Kris #EXO #ExoM

Former EXO member, Kris.

tumblr_nrhn9fgLdX1tocw4so1_540.jpg (540×756)

The first daddy of EXO Kris !

150515 Kris updates us on his shoe dilemma, may be inebriated: wyfuniverse

Sry I haven’t updated this board in a while ><

Kris Wu Yifan, Rain and Liu Wen attend The Met Gala in NYC

Kris (Wu Yifan) at the 2015 Met Gala