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FREE One size does not fit all. This is definitely true for task cards. In one classroom, a teacher can have students at different reading levels. Finding materials that cover the same skill and strategy for students at different reading levels can be tricky. 2-4

Inferences Bundle for 4th-5th Grades

124 page Inference bundle filled with reading passages, graphic organizers, 4 sets of inference task cards, posters, games and activities to help your students practice the very important reading strategy of making inferences. (TpT Resource

Main idea task cards are a wonderful way for students to practice the skill of acquiring the most important information in a passage. Enjoy this FREE sample of a task card and upload the entire packet for only $3.00 at my teacher store WWW.TEACHPEEK.COM.

Guided reading strategy called "Say Something" allows teachers to see how students are thinking about their texts. Additionally, it provides students w/a tool to help them express their ideas about reading in meaningful ways.

The Amazing Digital Art of a Disillusioned Idealist

Beautiful digital art you could display in your classroom to facilitate discussion about global warming. You could present one of images and ask the students what they think it's trying to convey, no text is needed to spark discussion. Great way to get students interested and engaged in the topic.

(free) 40 engaging "Context Clues" task cards in large print, ideal for the overhead projector as well as cut out for rings. These cards work great with my free educational game board. I also have several original songs on reading skills, (figurative language, context clues, theme, main idea, prediction) at (click on Reading Songs).