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Drove over this to Coronado Island-  San Diego's Coronado Bridge was named the country's "most beautiful bridge" in 1970 by the American Institute of Steel Construction.

World's Most Stunning Bridges (PHOTOS)

Coronado Bridge San Diego named the country's "most beautiful bridge" in 1970 by the American Institute of Steel Construction

Budapest, Hungary.   Go to www.YourTravelVideos.com or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

I've never thought about visiting Hungary, but this is stunning Budapest, Hungary (Chain Bridge)

Stunning photo, must have take some dedication to take…            The main focus of each marvelous image is the area around the Moon Bridge in Taipei, Taiwan. The soft blue, monochromatic palette and the sparkling rays of sunshine make the images feel so peaceful. The crystal clear water allows for a perfect reflection of an upside down world and his tones, lighting, and composition are exceptional.        via My Modern Metropolis.

Jindai Bridge, Dahu Park (Taipei, Taiwan) Known as the "Moon Bridge", it gets its name from the perfect circle that forms thanks to the arch's reflection in the calm water of the pond.

Amazing Waterfalls Around The World: WaterFalls in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming United States

This picture! This was the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen in my whole life! Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA - 50 The Most Beautiful Places in the World