I have incurties of course but I don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me - Adele


My baby Adele can sing and is so damn sexy with those curves and so gorgeous! What else can a man want!

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Congrats to Adele on a Grammy Sweep!!! Go Sony!


Adele....such a talent and she seems to be staying true to herself. I admire that.


Adele - Set Fire To The Rain ( Music Video ) I really love Adele singing. This is one of my favorite songs she does. If you've watched her concerts, sadly, you'll see that, though lovely, she has a horrid potty mouth. :-(


Adele - This woman sings what my heart and head dare not say. She is an inspiration. Well done!

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Good advice from Adele. Just like anyone else, she is human and has made mistakes (like dropping the f-bomb, it's in ALL of us, so don't act like you never have) BUT she is trying her best to be a decent woman (a lady). Just because you can cuss like a sailor or fight like a man, doesn't mean you should! Unless someone messes with your BFF, partner or kids! LOL

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Adele cut off while giving an acceptance speech.

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LOVE Adele and this new series! Lessons From: Adele // via Inspired by Charm

The Sound of Music

Adele.....beautiful voice, beautiful name....beautiful.

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