Ok... this is do-able without being obnoxious

great daily cleaning schedule!

Cleaning schedule

Easy Money Saving Weekly Plan (Starts at Just 1 dollar a Week and Adds Up FAST!)

Cleaning Calendar .... love. - MyHomeLookBook

Chore List

Cleaning schedule

+ simple & effective cleaning calendar (daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly)

Cleaning tips

Self Cleaning and Self Feeding Fish Tank

Fresh and Organized: The 31 Day House Cleaning Routine~ Spend 20 extra cleaning minutes a day to keep house deep cleaned. {Many of these would take me far more than 20 minutes, but maybe after a couple of months it wouldn't.}

43 Amazingly simple but genius ideas to use and reuse stuff | eHow

CLICK THE IMAGE TO PRINT YOUR DEEP CLEAN CHECKLIST! Perfect for when you are preparing your home for sale!

Trick to a clean house - might be good idea to come up with something like this that includes watering plants and such. But I am confused how a load of laundry done at night is either not going to have that "been sitting in the washer all night" smell or is not going to be wrinkly... Also is this a stay-at-home person's list because cleaning baseboards on a Friday sounds... Lonely.

Clean it up! Summer house cleaning schedule.

Print out a chart that works with your home. Recycle an old frame and frame it. Post in an accessible place. Use a dry-erase marker to check things off as you do them.

Clean baseboards with fabric softener sheets. Using a Swiffer or something like it, just attach the dryer sheet to the bottom of the mop head and run it along as frequently as your house seems to require the chore.

How-To Remove 10 Common Household Stains from www.thehowtocrew.com. #tips #laundry #cleaning #howto

How to properly clean mildew in the shower.

Clean house!