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That's true!!!--lol, I couldn't agree more, lol, but it's funny to see someone else say it, lol.

Lol! Soooo gonna do this the next time an officer harrasses me because he "profiles" my car even though I am not doing anything wrong.

My boyfriends brother is a cop, and I respect him with everything but this is just hilarious!

I've been scared every fire I've ever fought. It's learning to control that fear do what needs to be done.

AMEN-SO nice to see something dedicated to Police for once!!

In memory of my partner... John J Creegan E.O.W. May 29, 1996 - Orange County Sheriff's Office - Sector One Patrol - Zone 14

No one wants to see how its done & the person who turns a blind eye is typically the first to judge.

Firefighter being laid to rest - such a strong brotherhood. Rest In Peace, Lt. David Curlin