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Templo Mayor (Main Temple). Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City, Mexico). Mexica (Aztec). 1375–1520 C.E. Jadeite Olmec-style mask

Pre-Columbian tumbaga gold mask, headdress, breast plate, ear decorations, etc. known as the El Canto treasure found circa 1936 in Colombia and now owned by Dr. E. Lee Spence who acquired it from the grandson of the discoverer. The green is from the copper that was alloyed with the gold. Photo by Dr. E. Lee Spence

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Zapotec jade and shells mask, ca.200 BC–100 AD, Monte Albán, Mexico. Even though many scholars maintain that this is a bat mask, many of its features point towards its identification as a feline, possibly a jaguar. If so, it may be associated with power and royal lineages. Regardless of its identification, it is one of the most valuable treasures ever recovered from Monte Albán. Photo: © Jorge Pérez de Lara