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Cornforth White No.228. In memory of John Cornforth, architectural historian and author of the landmark publication 'English Decoration in the 18th Century'.

Strong White No.2001. A bright, clean white when used with dark colours. Or if used with light colours it becomes cool.


DIY Custom Matting

farrow and ball cornforth white

Clunch No.2009. As in the chalk stone building blocks used in East Anglia. A very versatile off-white.

Cooking Apple Green No.32 An old fashioned green made from common earth pigments.

Skylight No.205. A definite light blue, works with Parma Gray.

Pale Powder No.204. A pale, less coloured version of Teresa's Green.

Pavilion Gray No.242. A lighter, less blue version of Lamp Room Gray, reminiscent of an elegant colour used in Sweden in the late 18th century under Gustav III.

Oval Room Blue No.85. A typical late 18th, early 19th century colour which appears time and again in historic schemes.

Slipper Satin No.2004. A very successful off-white for woodwork with strong colours or as a wall colour used with many of the other whites, both lighter and darker.

Shaded White No.201. Just darker than Off-White and lighter than Old White. This can also be used as a light 'drab' colour.