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DIY Photo Light Box by lavendersbluedesigns: Save yourself time spent color-correcting and adjusting lighting in Photoshop! #DIY #Photo_Light_Box

Been busy with a spot of DIY and some bargain bin hunting. The Portaflash digital slave was the best bargain I've had in a while, a mere £3:47! The hotshoe to 3.5mm adapter was made from an old flash gun, (took a hacksaw to it!) Flash PC to 3.5mm ad diy is easy

Having just finished building the Death Star my DIY 50" collapsible soft box I was itching to give it a test. The opportunity arrived when the family came round for dinner. I did a very simple setup of a white seamless background and a single light i consider diy projects


Your photos will never be the same…

Your photos will never be the same