I'd like to keep the bird and the items from the tree but leave out the knot on the tree

So simple

tree tattoo

Love how this would symbolize out little family.

#Tattoo by Dodie- L'heure Bleue

Believe in yourself tattoo (Be You)

Dandelion And Birds Tattoos On Wrist

mother nature/tree.

I would go this tattoo really small on the back of my neck by my hair and then put my last name going along side the wing or body


That's more of a pink rose w/ purple leaves.

Until the very end

Oh my god. love this for my To Kill A Mockingbird tattoo. Quote: "remember, it's a sin to kill a mockibgbird"

Tattoos based on literary love. Wouldn't get any of these but some of them have good bits and pieces I like.

55 Peaceful Dove Tattoos | Cuded

I need birds somewhere

black and white ink tattoo - absolutely love this, this would look great with my love you to la'luna and back tattoo I want!

tree tattoo design on the back

I'm in love with small and delicate tattoos. I really want to get this one on my shoulder or collar bone. #tattoo #style #tattoo design #tattoo patterns

Tattoo Idea!