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    How to make twig plant markers. Neat!

    How to make a charcoal starter. This is a good item to get and keep charcoal hot for use with a dutch oven. I Used a #10 can. And punched nails around side to hold the bottom in place. I used my drill to make the holes in the side as well as in the bottom. I also couldn't find a handle to use so currently I use tongs to move it around. By the way, it works PERFECTLY.

    Beer sleeve. For all of those events we have to sit through that don't allow alcohol. AWESOME

    Calling All Worms This surprisingly simple technique will unearth some surprising results! Find an area of loose, slightly moist soil (the dirt under a log or landscape timber works well) and push a 12- to 18-inch-long stick two to three inches into the ground. Vigorously rub another stick from side to side against it for about 2 minutes and watch as any worms in the vicinity wriggle to the surface. Try several areas in the yard to see which ones are the hottest worm hangouts.

    Use your twigs and veggie markers

    How to start a fire in the rain - Scouting magazine

    This is awesome. | Light My Fire Grandpas Fire Fork at

    How to make plant markers

    72 Hour Kits Ideas and List of item to buy/pack

    GENIUS! Rinse vegetables right in the garden. And use leftovers to water the plants!

    How to carry firewood and logs -- BTW you don't need pvc -- a couple of sturdy branches and cord or rope should work just fine

    41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius- I am SO roasting some Starburst on the next camping trip!!

    DIY: Garden plant markers (could be used for indoor herb garden containers also)

    Make crescent rolls over the campfire. | 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

    Homemade Porta Potty--ingenious idea for people who camp and just don't like to use a hole in the ground.

    Twig Plant Marker

    COOL TIPS: 9 ways to start a fire without matches - in case they get wet or whatnot

    25 Survival Uses For Duct Tape | Premium Survival Gear, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Kits *I don't think Daryl Dixon knows about this.

    The New Pro Tool Mag-Na-Fire Magnesium Fire Starter was designed for the U.S. Military this magnesium fire-starting tool is capable of successfully starting thousands of fires, without the use of matches or lighters. Even works when wet! This is a quick way to get fine wood shavings for firestarting. Use a plastic bag to catch the shavings if it is raining. Interesting idea for tinder. Visit us to learn more...

    Well, that makes it look easy to move heavy pots.

    Don't have a compass? Here's a reliable and easy way to navigate with an analog watch. Read the post to learn how you can also do this with any digital watch too!