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Frozen FLORDIA I'M GOING TO TELL HIM NO DON'TYOU DARE TRLL HIM LOL. Love this snowman hitchhiking to Florida. Suitcase packed, check.

I just found out that Olaf from frozen is named after a Scandinavian Viking Olaf the boneless! So it's kind of even funnier when Olaf says he doesn't even have bones!

  • Hannah Bennett

    Olaf is named for his comic relief, oh laugh and the character who played him was just kinda makin up some of his line and this spontaneously happened

Frozen is good! But all these other movies already did everything first

  • Annabeth Chase

    I know right I think it's just because of let it go that movie became so popular and we forgot all the ones that really were the 1st

Frozen - movie quote

Anna and Kristoff | I think they were still in the whole "falling in love" process, so he quite didn't love her yet, but I love this comment!!!

d5061a36dfe7d44730d6d49d23b6147d.jpg 310×620 pixels

Don’t feel conseal put on a show make 1 rong move and every 1 will no!!!!!!!!!!!

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Haha Kristoff looking @ the frozen Disney castle :3

Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff ~ fan art for Disney's Frozen by Liz

  • Catherine Miller

    Most definitely ❤️

  • Kaitlyn the Bookworm

    Family is on Elsa and Anna because they are family. Is Worth is on Kristoff because he is more worthy than Hans. Fighting For is on Anna with her eyes open because thats all she ever did. Fight for her dreams.

  • Liz

    Wow, that's something. I didn't even think of that when I made it, but that really works! :D

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if only all guys respected girls this way

Frozen | Kristoff. IS SUCH A MAN cant even handle MANLIEST DISNEY PRINCE ever. It's 4 am.

  • Ollie Fray (Needs A Family)

    Kate, there is no evidence to say he wasn't a prince. And dont say there wasnt evidence that he was either. Besides, what do you have against him being a prince? He is one of the best man characters EVER!!

  • Natalie Harmon

    If he marries Anna he will become a prince. He is like Flynn Rider, at the beginning he's defiantly not a prince but at the end marries onto royalty.

  • Ollie Fray (Needs A Family)

    Yes, exactly Natalie!

  • Melissa Rae

    Yeah he has to marry into royalty to become a prince

  • Invader Titan

    Yes, he was DEFIANTLY not a prince! *swirls wine glass* But seriously, Kristoff is the bomb dot com.

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