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awesome New Year's Resolutions- My favorite Quotes , [br] My New Year's resolutions are expressed in all these quotes. Do it with passion or not at all is probably what expresses my feelings about b... ,

"Have I gone mad?"<br />"I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers, But I'll tell you a secret, All the best people are." | #aliceinwonderland, #quote

10 Badass Nicki Minaj Quotes Every Woman Needs in Her Life

I will always defend Nicki Minaj when someone tries to talk down on her. SHE IS NOT LESS OF A WOMAN JUST BC SHE OWNS HER OWN SEXUALITY. She stands for all women, especially black women and i believe we should all stand by her. She is a Boss✊✌

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There's still time to change the road you're on - -Led Zeppelin | Sofia made this with