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Trapiche Emeralds found in Colombia, are distinguished by the six-pointed radial pattern that is caused by carbon impurities. #Gemstones #Emerald #Sarasota

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Dioptase Emerald Green Crystals with blue Plancheite Mineral Specimen from Namibia


Dioptase on Malachite from Namibia- heart chakra. Releases emotional patterns Assists in understanding roles we have played as well as the roles of others in our lives Excellent stone to emotionally assist in experiencing divorce, death, or any intense family trauma Stimulates forgiveness and healing of emotional wounds

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10 Gemstones Much Rarer Than Diamond 10 Gemstones Much Rarer Than Diamond

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Pink Magnesite Gemstone Pendant Focal Bead Necklace Design (1)

Pink Magnesite Gemstone - Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral; calcium, manganese, cobalt and nickel may also occur in small amounts.

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Dioptase Emerald Green Crystals with blue Plancheite Mineral Specimen from Namibia

Emerald Green Druzy Dioptase Crystal Cluster by FenderMinerals - nestled, captured, sporadic, sprinkled, dispersion, scattered

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pictures of gems and minerals of africa | Photo: Beryl emerald

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Which Rare And Beautiful Stone Matches Your Spirit?

yellow-gold-diamond-blue-sapphire-cocktail-ring.html Which stone are YOU?

The Patricia Emerald Crystal was discovered in the Colombian Andes' Chivor Mine in 1920 and is named after the mine owner's daughter. Not only is it one of the largest gem-quality emeralds in the world, but it is also dihexagonal, or 12-sided, and measures 2½" × 1".

- The World of Famous Diamonds - Gemstones, The Crown Jewels of Great Britain, the Hope Diamond, the Dresden Green Diamond, the Tiffany Yell...

This table-cut or taviz diamond, measuring 44.6 × 33 × 3.6 mm and weighing 56.71 carats, is one of several that have been credited as a match for the Great Table Diamond viewed by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier at Golconda in 1642. However, the attribution is probably an error, the Darya-I-Nur, also a taviz cut, and the Nur-Ul-Ain diamonds in the Iranian Crown Jewels are much more likely matches.


Top 10 Most Notorious Cursed Diamonds

The Regent Diamond gained its fame when Napoleon chose to decorate his battle sword with it: the stunning, mammoth diamond is 140.64 carats in size, with a very slight, blue cast. The diamond was said to be discovered at the Golonda mine in India, and spirited out secretly by a slave, who hid it within a cut on his leg. In 1792, all the Crown Jewels of France were stolen, and the Regent Diamond was among the missing gems.