Bonitas puntadas. Cómo hacerlas.

zigzag coral stitch

with the berry stitch


embroidery stitches video tutorial

Stitch Play: Combining Chain Stitch & Buttonhole Stitch. Mary Corbet.

A lovely sampler based on "Wessex Stitchery" by Gay Eaton from the blog (linked by this pin) "Mary Joan Stitching. Blog post on her main page talks about this fascinating style of stitching, revived by Eaton's book, which I are have & LOVE!!! Very interesting new stitches to work up, easy to design your own band samplers, needlecases, pillow tops... Projects are well presented and easy to design w/ your own selection of Wessex stitches. Love this technique - definitely read her post [NCS]

Nice Seam embroidery stitches

More stitches

blanket stitch scallops

Stitch combinations for crazy quilting - still more amazing combinations from

embroidery- cool stitch!

Embroidery Stitch

Twisted Chain Stitch: Now you can move on to the Rope Stitch. Both are beautiful, rich textural stitches.


crazy quilt stitches

Along Stitch Lines - embroidered trees using different stitches for each example. Cool idea for a sampler.

hem stitching edges - cross stitch

Basket Stitch in Hand Embroidery

Embroidery Stitches

Satin stitch is a gorgeous embroidery stitch and worth taking the time to learn! Here are 10 tips to help you embroider a sensational satin stitch - Click through for details!