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Portrait of Sitting Bull and his family wearing traditional regalia. Sitting Bull's mother, Her Holy Door sits on his right, wives Four Robes and Seen-By-The-Nation stand behind him, and his oldest daughter, Many Horses and her son sit on his left. Sitting Bull holds a pipe and pipe bag on is lap. Hand written note on verso of card reads, "Sitting Bull & family, Ta Tonka E U tanki, Sioux." Date: circa 1883

Sitting Bull Native American Portrait Giclee Poster Artist Print Wall Art Colorful Abstract Pop Art

"The only thing I really believe is the pipe religion." - Black Elk, near death, to his daughter Lucy Looks Twice. Pictured here is Black Elk in South Dakota, circa 1900. South Dakota Historical Society via SDPB (South Dakota Public Broadcasting)

This black and white studio photograph shows Old Harney posing in front of a painted backdrop, sitting on a chair. He is wearing a striped shirt, long pants, moccasins, and a hat. He wears a bear claw necklace around his neck, and a bow is laid across his lap. The photograph was taken at the Rosebud Reservation. Date 1900 circa Brule

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