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Killer whale. Whales in Captivity. Captivity kills. Empty the tanks. Conserve our majestic oceans and sea life. Sustainability. Orca. Killer whale.

Loro Parque is Tenerife's zoo. They have lots of species to visit and it's a really good day out for the family.

killer_whale_ one mate for the whole life the whole family stays in the own Pod they have their own language is simply amazing I love marine biology we must fight for them as you seen on the show with Steve Irwin they're trying to stop poaching Japanese and all kinds of people coming after them everyone is volunteer so they wish their life but if something happens I wasn't trying to save the whales and stop poaching at least they know they will not have died in vain

Iiiuii!...Hello Samissomar...What´s The Latest On Your Best Pinterests ?...Tell Me All You´ve Got My Friend...You´re Always Surprising Me With Your Pinterests !...

Minke whale (saw one in Alaska while on a whale cruise--supposedly they are rare to see) much fun!!!

Whale Shark- I really really really want to dive with these gentle giants someday...

Sperm Whale by Diederik Huisman Sperm whales are largest toothed whale. #whales #oceanlife

Whale at sunset. Whales are part of the story in Stuart Brannon's Final Shot by award-winning author Stephen Bly.

wish I had been down deep looking up at this barnacled beauty

I'm loving the above the water shots // Antarctic Minke whale