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*Prayer for the Taiji Fisherman*: ....May the tide of the warrior blood rise in your loins May the Samurai code of honor sing in your blood May you transcend cruelty and fear May you turn your boat around And become a fierce and loving protector of fellow creatures at play.... ---Howard Jacobson and Mia Genis

The bottle-nosed dolphins in sunset light. Dolphins ~ They are so friendly . I love to watch Dolphins. Another amazing animal from GOD, Thank you

Watched blackfish yesterday! People need to become educated on what is really going on with these poor animals

Orcas: Wild vs Captive Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Animals category. Check out Orcas: Wild vs Captive now!


too cute! :) A Dolphin Photobomb! Penguin: "Don't tell me! Those Dolphins are behind me AGAIN aren't they?