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Errap Massai

Massai Early

Band Carved

Carved Horn

20C Carved

African Jewellery

Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic Necklaces

Horn Errap

Africa | A warrior's arm band "errap" from the Maasai people. Carved horn and copper wire | ca. early 20th century | Shown here mounted on a wooden block |

Pan African Art

African Ethnic

African Jewels

African Pride

Massai Kenya

Maasai Samburu

Artists Sculptures

Body Sculptures

Adornment Jewelry

A KENYAN CARVED HORN ERRAP - Massai, early 20th century

Artistry Beautifully

Beautifully Hand

Tribal Artistry

Dance Drum

Carved African

African Wood Carving

Drums Trommer

Drums Drumming

African Masks

Africa | Bulup (Dance Drum) from the Kuba people of the DR Congo | Wood, hide, wood pegs, copper wire | early 20th century

Africa Antelope

Antelope Horn

Artful Histories

Earth Histories

African Finds

Crafts African

African Vessels

African Pots Clay

Premier Base

Africa | A medicine horn containter from the Para or Zigua people, Tanzania | The antelope horn body of this vessel is wrapped in natural fiber rope with a carrying strap. Carved wooden head | ca. early 20th century

African Art Mask

African Art Songye

African Tribal Art

Art Tribal

Premier Base

First Art

Noguchi Installation

Installation View

Songye Early

Figure Songye early 20th century Wood, horn

Melee Weapons

Swords Weapons


Weapon Helmet

Weapon Armor

Tribal Artifacts

Ancient Weapons


Leather Copper

Africa | Sword and Sheath from the Mande people of Mali | Iron, leather, copper alloy, cloth, dye, beads, buttons, pigment | 20th century

Ring Equestrian

Equestrian Figure

African Tribal Art

Ethnic Art

Century Mali

20Th Century

Peoples Copper

Ethnic Rings

People Afryka

Ring with Equestrian Figure, 19th–20th century Mali; Dogon peoples Copper alloy

Art Dogon

Dogon Mali

Ethnic Mali

Ethnic Art

African Adornment

African Jewels

Mali Ring

Dogon Culture

Art Sub Saharan

Africa | Ring Depicting a Rider on Horseback. Dogon culture ~ Mali. | Probably late 19th/early 20th century | Copper alloy

African Statues

African Sculptures


Rope Seeds

Congo Madera

Wooden Tribe

Africa Nkisi

Metal Piel

Skin Early

Africa | Nkisi figure from the Songye people of DR Congo | Wood, horns, beads, rope, seeds, metal, animal skin | Early to mid 20th century

Figure Drc

Figure Male

Congo Songye

Songye Nkisi

Sculpture Africa

Sculpture Wood

Nkisi Democratic

Century Democratic

Nkisi 19Th

Power Figure: Male (Nkisi) Date: 19th–20th century Geography: Democratic Republic of the Congo Culture: Songye peoples

African Adornment

African Jewellery

Tribal Jewellery

Body Adornment

Aboriginal Aesthetic

Modern Aboriginal

Ethnic Nigeria

Nigeria 19Th

Jewels I'D

Africa | Bracelet from the Igbo people of Nigeria | 19th - 20th century | Copper alloy

Tanzania Animal

Africa Animal

Tanzania Africa

Africa Medicine

Medicine Horn

East Africa

Africa Art

Zigua People

Torso Inspiration

Africa | Medicine Horn Container from the Zigua people of Tanzania | Animal horn, plant fiber and a carved wooden peg in the shape of a human head

African Power

African Ārtifacts

African Bronze

African Masks

Protection Figures

Power Protection

Age Early

Early Mid

Congo Material

Ethnic group : Songye Country of origin : Zaire ( D.R. Congo ) Material : Wood, metal, bell, cloth, rope, feathers, horns, animal skin, unknown substances Approximate age : Early – Mid 20th Century

Indonesian Cultures

Indonesian History

Indonesian Art

Indonesian Traditional

Sumatra Bracelet

Copper 19Th

Toba Batak

Batak People

People Brass

Indonesia ~ Sumatra | Bracelet from the Toba Batak people | Brass and copper | 19th to early 20th century

Bracelet 19Th

Africa Bracelet

Alloy Bracelet

Bracelet Ethnic

African Gold

African Art

African Works

Century Africa

20Th Century

Africa | Bracelet from the Nuna culture, Black Volta River region, Burkina Faso | Copper alloy | 19th - 20th century

Ivory Pendant

Pendant Natural

Nyamwezi People

Fiber Copper

Tanzania Necklace

Beads 20Th

Tanzanian Culture

Ethnic Kenya Tanzania

People Ivory

Tanzania | Necklace from the Nyamwezi people | Ivory pendant, natural fiber, copper and glass beads | 20th century

Iron Late

Century 95

Kenya Earrings

Jewels Kenya

People Copper

Maasai People

Kenya Tanzania

Jewelry Examples

Inspiration Beautiful

Kenya | Earrings from the Maasai people | Copper and iron | Late 19th to early 20th century | 95$ each

Ade Yoruba

Hats Yoruba

Yoruba Art

Nigeria Owned

Nigeria Late

Cornets Hats

Crowns Cornets

Nigeria Tribe

Region Nigeria

Africa | Crown (Ade). Yoruba Idowa, Ijebu region, Nigeria | Owned by the dagburewe (king) of Idowa | Late 19th/mid-20th century | Glass beads, fabric, thread, and copper alloy

African Adornment

African Jewellery

Tribal Jewellery

Pendant Sabi

Pendant 19Th

Century Nuna

20Th Century

African Metal

African Art

Africa | Protective Pendant (Sabi na fre) from the Nuna culture, Black Volta River region, Burkina Faso | Copper alloy | 19th - 20th century

Beautiful Face S

Kenya Beautiful

Beautiful African

Beautiful People

Beautiful Brother

Wonderful Kenya

Wonderful Images

Maasai Warrior

African Warrior

Maasai warrior, Kenya

Benin African

А African Art

African Stuff

West African

African Mask

African History

Nigeria Court

Art Benin

Nigeria Benin

Plaque: Warrior and Fish, Edo peoples, Nigeria, Court of Benin, 16th-17th century. Metropolitan Museum of Art.