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I hate when people say horseback riding is easy, its not and heres a quote to prove it. "Equestrians need to have the concentration and ability to judge distance like a golfer, the strength and stamina of a hockey player, and the artistic flow and ability to make a hard thing look easy and elegant like a ballerina." This quote proves that it isn't and easy sport and your have to perfect everything.

Equestrian quote by Altogether Design & Communications. This is so true and most people don't even know wouldnt believe the people that come up to me and say barrel racing or riding horses is not a sport..they need to read this.

It is NOT 'just a horse,' I KNOW I can do it, my horses are BEAUTIFUL, I do NOT 'just sit there', riding is difficult, it is a very SKILLED SPORT, and PLEASE let me win the lottery, I would love to spend 90% of it on my horses!!

Pin if you agree! There's nothing else like the feeling that comes from #horseriding, especially when you get to ride an American Quarter Horse. #AQHAProud

The day you stop breathing is the day I'll stop riding. Oh wait-I'll still be riding even after I'm dead.

yup and go into two point and looking where you want to go, and actually clucking sometimes.... seriously....

she makes it sound so easy!! With the NFR back drop...I want nothing more than to run there some day! #crazydreams

Tell me again why you think it's easy? And no. You can't say that I do nothing. The most you have probably done is gone on a pony ride. You can't say anything until you get on and try to do what I do. But then again, you wouldn't be able to. So don't say that horseback riding is NOT a sport, because it is.