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They sat on the windowsill on the floor, and even though they could see the entire city for miles and miles, the only thing he wanted to look at was her.

idk what it is about this picture but i love it! it kinda reminds me of driving really in the morning to something for my dad when he was in congress. the person who drove us everywhere was named Luke! haha i miss Congressmen Bob Schaffer

Despite his intensive schooling, Benjamin Dane was not an expert in languages. This allowed the rebels to post messages relatively out in the open in different languages.

Old stock Champion t-shirts from a thrift shop. I think the little stapled card tags dates them to the Related: old stock iron-on ...

Haley. The Great Lakes state. Saved through faith, by the grace of Jesus Christ. Falling deeper in love with the Creator day by day. As for everything else, I plan to be surprised. instagram // haleygasparotto

ramenmustachio: pete-the-pizza-guy: id-do-me: the contradiction in such a simple photo makes me love this This is either a powerful statement or an example of a man who loves his lady every day of the month Two kinds of people…

tali. not tall. twenty two. minnesota. mixed. special fx makeup artist. gore, horror movies, russ diemon, melanie martinez, adam driver. NAVIGATION Inbox Archive about me my face other links Theme