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Syria | Old earrings worn by the bedouin women | High content silver.

A delicate pair. #PipLincolne

Oman | Bracelet worn by the Bedouin women; silver, hollow construction. ca. 1950s | 130£

Syria | Vintage Bedouin necklace | Silver (usually low content) with red glass stones | 210$

Yemen | Bedouin belt was worn by women from the Arabian Peninsula on special occasions | Main part of the belt is low grade silver, gold tone (old gold gilt ?), pendants are high grade silver | ca. 1950s | 485$

Syria | Vintage necklace worn by the Bedouin people living in the desert in Syria | Mixed metal (low content silver) combined with glass beads | 165 Euro

Yemen | Vintage Bedouin High Grade Silver Ring. ca. 1930s

Oman | A silver necklace worn the Bedouin women | Silver (content unknown), the two Maria Theresa thaler pendants have goldwash details, coral and two blue glass beads.

Vintage Yemeni Bedouin ring | High grade silver and coral bead | ca. 1930s

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Antique Yemeni Bedouin Silver Kohl Necklace

Yemen | Vintage high grade silver filigree Filigree Bedouin necklace | 250$

Arabian Bedouin Silver Vintage Ring

Yemen | Antique Elaborate Bedouin Solid Silver Bracelet | More than likely, this was part of the dowry of a rich Bedouin woman, because the more work there is on a bracelet and the finer the quality the higher the price.

India - Rajasthan, Shekhawati region / Punjab | Heavy solid silver bracelet worn by the Jat women | Early 20th century || Sold

Yemen | Vintage Bedouin hinge cuff from the North of Yemen | High grade silver | ca. early 1900s.

bedouin silver and turquoise vintage necklace from Syria - bedouin jewellery - ethnic necklace - tribal and ethnic. €150.00, via Etsy.

An Antique Bedouin Pectoral (worn on the chest) Necklace from Yemen | Silver and coral | ca. early 1900s

Bedouin Silver Necklace

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Kutchi bedouin bracelet; mixed silver and coloured glass | 70€