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Possibly the Finest Pair of English Gold and Silver Inlaid Flintlock Over and Under Pocket Pistols on the market today! Circa 1800-1810. (1800)

Ottoman yataghan from the Court of Suleyman the Magnificent, 16th c, workshop of Ahmed Tekelü (possibly Iranian, active Istanbul, ca. 1520–30), steel, walrus ivory, gold, silver, rubies, turquoise, pearls, gold incrustation on the blade depicts combat between a dragon and a phoenix, gold-inlaid cloud bands and foliate scrolls on the ivory grips, one of the earliest known yatagans, L. 23 3/8 in. (59.3 cm); blade L. 18 3/8 in. (46.66 cm), Met Museum.

Double-Barreled Wheellock Pistol of Emperor Charles V, ca. 1540–45 Made by Peter Peck (1500/10–1596) German (Munich) Steel, etched and gilded; wood, inlaid with engraved staghorn

COLARD DOUBLE-ACTION PINFIRE REVOLVER: Belgian Charles T. Colard crafted a fine double-action pinfire piece in this revolver, which carries out an incredible baroque theme of embellishment. Few other firearms have a barrel that begins as hexagonal, changes to round profile, and then goes to hexagonal configuration again, only to shift to a series of ringed sections at the muzzle. Unusual multi-colored gold inlays are scattered over the blued and case-colored surfaces of this revolver as…

Fine Pair of Bronze Framed Flintlock Pocket Pistols With Raised Pans and made by "E Bond", 45 Cornhill, London, Circa 1780.

Gentlemen's Pocket Flintlock Pistol is at This Gentleman's Pocket Flintlock Pistol was originally crafted by Bunney of London circa 1770. The Flintlock Gentleman's Pocket Pistol's smaller design allowed it to be more readily concealed than its larger and more cumbersome flintlock brethren. The Pocket Gentleman's Flintlock Pistol has an embossed dark wood grip and time honored appearance.