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If you're stuck in a rut, and the produce aisles confuse you, then this FREE guide will be your best friend! Click through to download this Produce Shopping Guide PDF. In it I cover everything having to do with seasonal produce, organics, fresh vs. frozen/canned, and much more! Get it now to have with you on your next trip to the grocery store!

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Grocery Store Dramatic Play Pack

Grocery Store Dramatic Play PackThis pack contains everything you will need to set up a dramatic play grocery store in your classroom!Included in this pack:Included:-Picture examples of how I set it up in my classroom-Open/Closed signs (small and large)- Market Kids Grocery Store sign-Please Pay Here sign (US $ and Canadian $)-Credit Cards & Play Money (US $ and Canadian $)-2 sale signs-Aisle signs (Produce, Deli, Bakery, Dry Goods, & Cold Goods)-Store Department Dcor -2 pages of coup...

Want to save time during your grocery shopping? Itemize your shopping list by aisle. Produce, frozen foods, dairy, meat, dry goods, etc. Keep a document of products you buy often and circle them when you are running low.

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First Foods (6-9+ Month) Summer Baby Food Menu

With an abundance of fresh produce hitting the grocery aisles and local farmer markets, your 6-9 month old baby can experience the bounty of nature along with the whole family! The July Menu incorporates many of the in season fruits and vegetables into your monthly homemade baby food recipes.

Marmite - Popular in Britain as a pungent spread for toast, Marmite has nearly twice the umami-producing glutamates of any other item on this page. Its sour, beefy flavor makes it an acquired taste, but we’ve found that it contributes meaty, long-simmered flavor to quick-cooked soups. Use a light hand—1/4 teaspoon per serving. Find it in the international aisle of the grocery store or online.

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A Coloring Guide to Spring Produce — Coloring for Grown-Ups

Spring is officially here — although you wouldn't necessarily know it from your weekly grocery run. Seasonality doesn't really exist in the produce aisles. Perhaps there are more apples in the fall; maybe a special berry display in summer, but there will always be apples and there will always be berries. And while there's something to be said for the convenience of modern grocery shopping — you can essentially buy anything at any time — with so much abundance in our everyday lives, it can…

Couple that met in grocery store get hitched in the produce section.


Walmart Strains to Keep Grocery Aisles Stocked

Known for its ability to track inventory through its RFID technology, Wal-Mart now has a new type of inventory to navigate: fresh fruits and vegetables in stores. Dealing with a short inventory shelf life presents some issues to the large retailer including having enough employees to keep the shelves stocked.

Got to try out my Meal Planning masterpiece at the grocery store tonight and it was fantastic!!! So handy to see which ingredients go to which meal Love love love having the grocery list all easily organized by aisle in a rapid log manner with these handy columns: M = meat P = produce F = fridge & freezer A = pantry B = beverages O = other (HF) = Hello Fresh (trying out this food delivery service this week because we've been in a bit of a food rut and wanted some variety with minimal…