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"A School for the Flute" by Charles Nicholson, published in 1836, addresses fundamentals of music, flute-playing technique, and information on style and performance in the 19th century.

NSM has published John Pratt’s transcriptions of Bridge’s “4 Short Pieces”, originally for violin and piano. The edition includes parts for either flute or alto flute, so performers can choose which instrument to play for each piece. “Meditation” and “Lullaby” sound particularly lovely on the alto flute and “Country Dance” is a splendid romp on the C flute, but all four are effective on either instrument.

Nicholson's consummate rendition of "Coolun" works well for flute alone, Irish Flute, or flute & pedal harp, as well as for flute & piano.

John Pratt has created a delightful arrangement of Haydn’s “Fantasia in C major” (written in 1789 for the pianoforte) as a duet for flute & alto flute. The style and playfulness of the piece are beautifully suited to the agility and sparkle of flutes. The transcription captures the feel Haydn intended, with new coloring, while at the same time affording flutists the joy of experiencing the work first-hand.

“Fog” is a newly-published piece for flute alone, written by the talented young composer Li Qi. “Fog” is an interesting and challenging work; visit the Noteworthy Sheet Music website for additional information and a link to listen to a performance.