NEVER TOO LATE....OMG!! All I can picture is when I was young and went to a Christmas party at my uncles and they (all my uncles...7 total) put my grandmother on his Harley (was in the basement) and they lifted the front tire like she was poppin' a wheelie. Too funny.....such good memories!

NEVER stop riding!

Simple things such as a motorcycle ride with a friend or your beloved.

OMG this describes my cleaning life. When I start by wiping down the counter and end up cleaning out a cabinet whilst the rest of the counter remains unwiped

For Motorcycle fans: Zadig MC One Punch Click to read about this beautiful bike

I embrace my aging process~I love my natural hair color now~I love the fact I am in my late 60's and still enjoy each day~aches and pains and all~


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TRIUMPH GREAT ESCAPE Yes if I am going to get a motorcycle it could very well be this one!

Clean Triumph




Sometimes it takes a whole tank of fuel before you can think straight. - for Ed

YES! Our new years GOAL for this year was to RIDE with everyone! Look no further Armored Mini Storage is the place when you’re out of space! Call today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Parking Available! Ideal for Classic Cars, Motorcycles, ATV’s & Jet Skies 505-275-2825




bird watch


Does he have a motorcycle? If you're gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle.