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  • Jan Hall

    Grizzly Bear family

  • Frank van Binsbergen

    Mother Orsa and her three young bears discover the open-air enclosure at the wildlife park Tripsdrill, on 10 April 2012, near Cleebronn, southern Germany. (Photo by Franziska Kraufmann/AFP Photo)

  • Patti Carey

    April animals: Baby bears | MNN - Mother Nature Network

  • Lio

    Bear babies - Mother bear and three cute little bear cubs looking funny.

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parenting, bear style

seeing baby animals in the wild is very poignant - their short time with Mama is the only kindness they will know. The rest of their life will be filled with the horror of living in the wild - constantly killing or being killed, tearing their living food to death.

We are the cooper koala bears are motto says that cooper cares!!! LOL im a dork but i love koala bears they are my fave and i deff want too hold one for sure BUCKET LIST!!!

two male bear cubs sparring playfully, Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba

There are approximately 2,500 black bears in the Catskills region, which includes Ulster, Dutchess and Greene counties.

Jake ~ It looks like his keeping fit at his local gymnastics club! This is the pommel horse! Or...he could just be sitting on a log waiting for dinner to come by!

Bears who think they are hailing a cab are common in areas with poor or limited public transportation