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Magical Feelings!
Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You by muddymelly (detail)
Cameron Mark !
No game no life xo and let's not forget the thing the show mentioned for some reason . Virgin
True Anime Story, this made me smile :)
Fiction-Food Café: Katsudon Pirozhki | Yuri!!! On Ice
Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet   "There will be peace when we are done"
Pokemon. May just be the freaking happiest show on the planet.  I'm like, in tears. Nostalgia all the way. <3
I'm so done...I'm never going to be the old me..life is just hating on me...the words of people echo around in my head...and I wonder why?..why me?!.. Why'd they pick me to talk down to like I'm some little infant?!..why?! And...why don't I feel comfortable around..my friends anymore...why do I keep showing them my fake smile?...and my fake emotions...why?!..
Pict: HoneyWorks