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  • Samar Goudaa

    borders- designs could be embroidered.

  • Teff

    border doodles

  • Judy Cecrle

    Zentangle Doodle Borders

  • Stephanie Hansen

    Zentangle dangles

  • Ally

    zentangle borders

  • Barbara Pade

    Repeat pattern art called TESSELLATION. If there are gaps and overlapping it is known as line weaving, repetitive contained doodles, or zentangle. Tessellations are seen throughout art history, from ancient architecture to modern art.

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this is what i am talking about!! McKenna Duffin!! did you just have a heart attack like i did?

love the doodles- the centre word could be thank you.... love you.

I should have brought black paper on the airplane...Zentangle done with metallic colored pencils on black paper

Well, I'm a little beyond 32 and havent even made a list like this, but I like the artwork on the page.

Erin Quigley Gokounous this looks like something you'd doodle... Don't know how I'd use it, but I like the texture.

Inspiration for zen bookmarks on my to do list with paper scraps I've saved..... and done zilch with so far :)

layered patterns are the beginning strips for ornaments by scholz. Visit flickr for example

I like it. Breaking it down, so non-artistes such as myself could draw something beyond a ragged daisy.