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This room would be a dream for any teenager or college student...gypsy chic for sure. Eclectic in its use of so much color, chandeliers, multiple paint colors & artistic accents hanging from the ceiling.

book cases like this lined up in front of the front windows with lots of vases of plants lining the top!

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Black Bohemian Pouf Ottoman - GoGetGlam - 1

Odette Bohemian Blue Wall Tapestry - GoGetGlam - SAVE 60%

bohemian kitchen

⋴⍕ Boho Decor Bliss ⍕⋼ bright gypsy color & hippie bohemian mixed pattern home decorating ideas - blue chair with green walls

This Bohemian decor may be too much for most homes, but it really does look beautiful

Gypsy: #Bohemian kitchen.

My Bohemian Home ~ Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Library. Ladder. French press. Biscuits. Virginia Woolf. YES to this room. This is likely to happen in my future home.

The Kylie Bohemian Mandala Wall Tapestry - GoGetGlam - 1

Very cozy, quaint, charming, and Bohemian-Gypsy style interior. (omgz I SO LOVE THIS!!! now i just have to talk the hubs into letting me DO THIS. i hear him now...that's some mighty bright color don't you think? *rolls eyes* ~Imelda~)