Lightning strike over water

Red sprites and blue jets are both atmospheric and electrical phenomena that take place in the upper atmosphere. They take place above normal lightning; Blue jets happen in cone shapes above thunderstorm clouds, and are not related to lightning. They’re blue due to ionised emissions from nitrogen. Red sprites can appear as different shapes and have hanging tendrils. They occur when positive lightning goes from the cloud to the ground.

Water spout near Tampa Florida


moon lightning

Lightning Strike - Sydney Thunderstorm 8th April 2012 By KAM=//=DHATT via Flickr

Icy Finger of Death Filmed for the First Time Like a lightning bolt hurled down from Mount Olympus, an icy “finger of death” strikes at sea life beneath the Antarctic ice shelf in what is surely one of the most jaw-dropping natural history sequences ever filmed.

Super cell tornadic storm

Lightening Strike WOw

Lightning strike

—The night time is the right time.

Aurora reflections

Double helix cloud contrail spotted near Moscow

when lightning strikes

lightning strike horse head


The Eiffel Tower getting struck by lightning! Sep 1, 2011

Tree strike

Lightning Striking Tree Framed Graphic Art

lightning strike in Paris