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      Schuettes Oak | Zone 3 - 9. This fast growing Oak (up to 3 times quicker than other swamp oaks) is a hybrid cross between Swamp White Oak and Bur Oak. They produce a sweet acorn in abundance (starting as early as 4 ft. tall) which will only draw the Whitetail out. Grows upwards of 70 ft. with 40 ft. spread. Will grow in wet areas as well as upland areas.

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    Edible Serviceberry is rare in that it offers interest in every season. Light: Sun,Part Sun,Shade Zones: 2-9 Plant Type: Tree,Shrub Plant Height: 6-25 feet tall Plant Width: 4-20 feet wide Landscape Uses: Beds & Borders Special Features: Flowers,Fall Color,Attracts Birds,Drought Tolerant, Easy to Grow.

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    Amazing facts: Aronia berries ( aka chokecherries), elderberries, and red and black currants are superstars in the world of berries, and are even better nutritionally than blueberries. Their ORAC scores are some of the highest known. All three kinds of fruiting bushes thrive in most parts of the US. Better Nutritionally Than Blueberries ~Growing Aronias, Elderberries, and CurrantsDeep Roots at Home

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    Anna Hardy Kiwi Sweet and nutritious bite-sized fruit — high in vitamin C and potassium. Vine requires a sturdy structure such as a fence, pergola, or trellis for support. Delicate white blossoms bloom on lustrous green foliage in late May. Established vines are vigorous and hardy to 25º below zero. Pest- and disease-resistant. Heat-tolerant. Ripens in July through late September. Best pollinator: Hardy Kiwi Pollinator. Hardy Kiwi Pollinator required for proper pollination and fruit production.


    pirus malus

    pirus malus

    prunus cerasus

    prunus cerasus

    pirus malus

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